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How To Harmonize Guitar Lines (Part 1)

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In this lesson I give a brief explanation (introduction) on How to Harmonize Guitar Lines. Explaining the simple intervals and a major scale followed by 2 examples from “Lack Of Comprehension” by Death and the famous riff from “Raining Blood” by Slayer.

CAGED Fretboard Frenzy (Basic)

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This is a guitar instructional video lesson in which I teach the CAGED System for chords but expand it with the addition of 2 more components of the fretboard tools such as Arpeggios and Pentatonic scales. I explain how the CAGED System works using 3 chord families (MajorMinor and Dominant 7) and assign the relevant Arpeggio and Pentatonic scale shape to each chord family accordingly. In the last section of the video I give my suggestions on How to Practice the whole system, provided with some examples.

             The lesson download (1.51GB) consists of:                  

– 52min 1080p HD Video
  – 12 Fretboard Diagrams 
– 9 HQ Backing Tracks


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Extended min7 arpeggio

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Really cool and easy pattern for the minor 7 arpeggios. It covers a lot of fretboard as well – 3 octaves! The example is taken from Slayer’s “Seasons In The Abyss” second solo by Jeff Hanneman