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Alice In Chains – “Stone” (Backing Track Drums&Bass)

Bad Company – “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” (2 tracks – with vocals and without)

Death – “Voice Of The Soul” (3 tracks – Acoustic, Acoustic+Low Guitar, Acoustic+High Guitar)

Death – “Crystal Mountain” (Backing Track Drums&Bass)

Gary Moore – “I’ll Play The Blues For You” (Backing Track Drums&Bass, Rhythm Guitar)

Gary Moore – “Trouble Ain’t Far Behind” (Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar)

Jimi Hendrix – “Wait Until Tomorrow” (Drums&Bass)

Joe Satriani – “Down, Down, Down” (Drums&Bass, Rhythm Guitar)

Obituary – “Visions In My Head” (Backing Track Drums&Bass)

Obituary – “Violence” (Backing Track Drums&Bass)

Robin Trower – “Daydream” (Drums&Bass)

Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Come On” (Drums&Bass)