2577_1040058007122_4008244_nMusic is my LIFE  and guitar is my PASSION! I couldn’t imagine a day without them!

Hi, my name is Alex. As long as I can remember music has always been a part of me, even though I started playing the guitar late. I’ve always been drawn towards guitars, but never got a chance to really learn it until one day I met a guy who “took me under his wing” and fired me up to play the guitar. He is my best friend ever since. I was 19 and I was hooked. I played for hours in my room, learning my favorite songs from my favourite bands. It was tough, but I stuck with it, because my passion was too strong. Then I got interested in music in general, I wanted to learn theory, so I enrolled at the College of Oxford. For 2 years I spent learning the basics of theory, classical music and learning a bit of piano. But my desire was to play the guitar, so after the college I decided to continue to study the guitar at the London Guitar Institute. That was a lot of fun. I broaden my knowledge and got into different kinds of music. When I came back to my home country I continued learning and was participating in different projects. After some time the idea of teaching came about and that’s when the GuitarForce was conceived 🙂

So, right now, all my forces are directed at GuitarForce.com. I am trying to pass on my experience and knowledge onto other enthusiasts the best way I can. I still learn and practice everyday because music is an endless subject, which is great in the first place.

That’s my story, I appreciate everybody who took the time to read and find out about me!

Join me for the journey of learning and having fun here at GuitarForce.com!

Cheers, Alex…