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JSG 30+ Blues Licks&Runs (Shuffle)

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Learn How to play 30+ Licks&Runs used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Moore in a 12 Bar Blues Shuffle.

Ranging from Simple (Beginners) to Intermediate to Advanced actual licks that were used by these 3 Giants of Blues playing.

The licks are all different and vary from repetitive licks, licks used in Turnarounds, in the endings, etc. using different techniques: hammer ons, pull offs, slides, grace notes, rakes, tremolo picking, etc.

The download contains video file in mp4 (HD 1:03 h long), all necessary Tabs in pdf and 2 backing tracks.


Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train (Full Lesson)

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Learn How to play complete “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. The video lesson has all the rhythm parts with variations and a solo part, arranged for 1 guitar.

The download contains video file (Full HD 49mins), all necessary Tabs in pdf, a backing track and a video playthrough of the song.







Get Experienced (Part 2)

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Get Experienced Part 2 500
This is Part 2 of the guitar instructional video lesson on Jimi Hendrix’s style of playing. Part 2 consists of 6 Chapters – Techniques, Licks Between Chords, Vocalised Melodic Lines, Blues/R&B Rhythm Figures, Tricks&Sounds, Gear Review&Tremolo Set Up. All of the explanations are backed up by the examples from the actual music. The lesson also has Diagrams and Tabs related to the covered topics.

The lesson download (1.68GB) contains:
-2h23m 720p HD Video
-Diagrams & Tabs
-Time Chart 


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